Dentistry during COVID-19

Dentistry during COVID-19 Texas

Dentistry during COVID-19 Texas


Overview on Dentistry during COVID-19 –

Dentistry during COVID-19 Texas is discussed in this article. COVID-19 pandemic in Texas has higher risks of infection for dental care doctors and patients. Developed nations, giant business, strong economies are affected by an invisible virus. Healthcare professionals are warriors in corona virus pandemic. Dental practitioners are working in difficult times. They are risking their own lives for our dental and oral health care. Texas is observing new cases everyday. Topics under this article will discuss how dentistry during COVID-19 in Texas has changed. 



With the spread of COVID-19, dentistry is facing scenes in Texas. Patients should bring only single person along with. However, the situation made dental practitioners to use new methods of treatment and short medical procedures. Hospitals are extending and temporary treatment clinics are made.

A. Risks in Dentistry

In dentistry, majority of cross infections arise when the dentist comes in close contact with any of patients discharged substances. For eg. oral cavities, saliva, respiratory tract secretions or blood. Hence to be on the safe side, it is important that people visiting dental doctors must be treated with care. Some patients do not show any symptoms.Therefore their tests and diagnosis is important. Dentists offer their support and services to the nearby hospitals. They act as an extended team of doctors. They could treat a growing number of patients.

B. Practical Approaches to fight against COVID-19

Dental care doctors request people to come hospitals in emergency and urgent cases. Patients consult mostly from home through telephone. Dental clinics have modified their setups to adjust themselves in COVID-19. Few modifications made in clinics are:

  1. Keep less chairs in waiting area at least 6 feet apart.
  2. Hand sanitizers kept at different points.
  3. Proper air flow.
  4. Ceiling fans kept off during a procedure with the patient.
  5. Glass sheet or a plastic barrier in the doctor’s chamber, and  medicine counters.
  6. Online and telephonic patient reviews and follow ups.

C. Solutions for Doctors in Dentistry

Dentists adopt extra care and safe measures in COVID-19 crisis. Therefore healthcare workers in dentistry have changed rules. They have following safety measures –

  1. Consult patient from a distance. 
  2. Gloves, N-95 masks, PPE kit are worn in close contact with a patient.
  3. Patients are asked to use elbows to open doors , lift handles and to turn on /off the light switch.
  4. Dental clinics keep track of basics such as PPEs, disinfectants, gloves, etc. therefore these must be in stock all time.
  5. Proper disposal of used PPEs, gloves, masks and biomedical waste.
  6. Payments are made online or through digital modes.

Dentistry and Dental Health Care Practitioners in COVID-19 Pandemic –

Dentists, nurses, healthcare workers are at risks of transfer of disease. As as long as they can contract a positive coronavirus patient at their clinic. COVID-19 has a bad impact over the dental care units. Local dentistry clinics were kept closed in lock-down. This caused many issues for dental practitioners. 

A. Scenario and Problem

At the ground level, the local agencies provide analysis of symptoms. They draw details of positive COVID-19 patients. They identify the initial set of symptoms. Infants and young children often develop oral health cases due to some of their ill habits. Medicines without asking doctors are risky for kids. Hence telephonic and online lookup increased during COVID-19 crisis.

B. Solution

An alert community, educated and sensible population will help to fight against the virus. Oral healthcare is very important and it begins with rinsing and washing mouth regularly. Wear masks in public and avoid drinking or eating outside home. Together these steps will help to fight against COVID-19.

Dentistry : Disunited from Mainstream Healthcare-

Dental doctors care for our smiles. But they are poorly paid unlike other specialists. COVID-19 resulted in nation wide lock downs, social distancing, economic crisis. There have been travel bans. Dentistry emerged as an extended domain of mainstream healthcare. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians are all in fight against coronavirus. Dentistry in Texas is open day and night to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Health organizations like WHO asked dental care units to use telephonic consultation for patients, and the urgent action should be taken on only serious cases. Dental professionals across the world came forward with a moral concern. They have open their clinics to offer contribution in medical services.

Harsh Impact of COVID-19 on Dental Healthcare Professionals-

Dental specialists have a very important role in society. They are under rated and less paid professionals. Dentistry is also providing medical care to corona virus patients. Dentists have temporarily transformed their setup to provide COVID-19 treatment in case of emergencies in Texas.

A. Help in Dentistry

It is important to arrange financial support and funds to dental care practitioners. Money flow should be flexible. Medical professionals also need money to manage their livelihood. Many dentists have less or no salaries at all. Their earnings have fallen to dead zero during pandemic and nationwide lock-downs.

B. Create Policies

In many countries, government policies and administration ignore healthcare services. Dentistry should be inclusive in considering policies and protocols. Dynamic guidelines should be established for healthcare sector.

Training social community and awareness will keep dental practitioners free from burden of consultation.

Post COVID-19 : Strategies and Models in Dentistry

A. Strategy

We are approaching the end of the second quarter of 2020 by June, but the COVID-19 is still on its growth curve. Health care professionals are endlessly serving the world because the coronavirus positive patients are emerging. United we stand, but the need of the current era is to stay united following the norms of social distancing and personal hygiene. Dentistry during COVID-19 has redefined safety measures in Texas.

Every individual makes his effort to fight against coronavirus. Texas people need to be aware of health professional suggestions, but also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep necessary medicines handy and avoid roaming and going outside until it is very important.

B. Communication Model

When visiting a doctor, individuals need to tell the truth and stay honest about their contact history. If they show symptoms of the disease, they could be given necessary guidance and treatment.


We can reduce the burdens from our dentists and healthcare professionals. We should stay updated with government policies and protocol. Digital platforms and internet  offer safety measures. They enlist preventive techniques against COVID-19 in Texas. In India Apps like Arogya Setu help people to guide and update on the spread and contact tracing of COVID-19.

Therefore, we all must learn to live healthy and happily with the virus. This is because the COVID-19 will exist around us. People should start to work together. They should follow the safety measures given by doctors. Obey government authorities to stay healthy in COVID-19 crisis.